Episode #3. Unboss With Dawn Bell


On this episode of the Leadership Project, we talk with Dawn Bell, Chief Scientific Officer and VP of Medical Affairs at Novartis Pharmaceuticals. In an ever-changing industry, we must create opportunities for open dialogue that is centered upon trust and collaboration. In her work with Novartis, Dawn strives to create purpose-driven cultures that empower resilient…

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Episode #2: Detlef Hold – Effective Leadership in a Rapidly Changing Global Matrix Work Environment


Detlef is in a unique position as a global leader of multiple teams in a worldwide organization. Today we are going to talk to him about what it takes to be a leader in a global matrix organization. Detlef will also share experiences he’s had as a consultant, HR leader and a business leader. He…

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Episode #1. Rebekah Harvey: Artificial Intelligence and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

AI & Fourth Industrial Revolution

Today on the Leadership Project we talk with Rebekah Harvey, Head of Business and Professional Skills and Learning Development at Hewlett Packard Enterprises. We examine how the rapidly evolving breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence are affecting our modern day workforce.

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